We have three deacons who each take responsibility for various aspects of the Church. To introduce you to the deacons they have given a short testimony.

        Tim Bendelow

I became a Christian at Secondary school in Harrogate. After starting the sixth form, I went to the Christian Union and other activities. During that first year, I was ill for a few weeks and my Christian girlfriend was writing to me and challenged me to 'get off the fence'. There and then I got on my knees in my room and prayed - asking God to come into my life.

Occasional visits to St Michael's in York and a small Evangelical Church in Wetherby with another friend followed. I eventually began to worship regularly in Wetherby and got involved in the life of the church - including children's  and youth work and then as a deacon.I was baptized in the local pool. (I'd have chosen the river, as some others did!)

In 1999 I had some medical problems which prevented me from driving for approximately 18 months and really felt God's presence as it was a difficult time. In 2000 I moved to Jennyfield, and found JEC where I quickly settled in. I've been involved for nearly seven years particularly in practical issues. I'm responsible for recording the services and transferring them on to tapes; I've become a deacon and latterly taken on the position of treasurer.


                      Janet Frazer

Until the age of around 30 the only time I went to church was for weddings and funerals. I had little understanding of faith and possibly even less knowledge of the Bible. I became associated with JEC through their children’s outreach programme when my son was about six and can trace God’s work in my life from then onwards.

I finally accepted that Jesus is the most important person in my life at the age of 40 (proving that yes, life does begin at 40!) and have experienced the joy, excitement, peace and challenges of life as a believer for the last 10 years. God has so blessed me that two of my three children have also become Christians.

It is a real honour to have been accepted as a deacon and I hope that I can serve the church to the best of my abilities and in God’s strength.


Geoff Weeks (info to follow)

Andrew Collin (info to follow)



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