Junior Church



Junior Church consists of two groups:

Class 1 

In this class we do lots of practical hands on stuff. The children usually listen to a short Bible story and then do an activity associated with it. They are fun to be with and never cease to amaze us with their understanding and willingness to join in. We regularly pray as we are preparing our lessons, as this is a very important time in these children's lives.



Class 2 

As we are older our story may last longer and the children will be expected to find where it comes from in the Bible. We are a lively bunch who need to be kept busy with lots of exciting activities. Again we feel priviledged to teach them and ever in prayer for strength, ideas and most importantly their spiritual development and growth.

Both classes at present are working through the Bible story line understanding how it all fits together. We are looking at Samuel and then Saul over the next couple of months.


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