Weekly Notice Sheet

  Sunday 15th  September 2019


A.M  -  Jonathan Bond - The Wedding Feast - Matt 22 1-14 & Luke 14: 15-25

P.M  -  Jonathan Bond  - Overview the book of Ruth






Prayer - We meet for prayer at 5:30pm before the evening service in the back room

Prayer Meeting - This Wednesday at Church @ 8pm‚Äč

Harvest Thanksgiving - October 6th @10:00am. Collection of food items for CFL

Ladies Evening (27th Sept)-at Church @7pm - come and join us for fellowship


AGM - Wednesday 16th October 8pm.


Crafting Together - Friday 13th September at 7pm at church - all welcome.


Trussell Trust - Our food relief box for the Trussell Trust is in the entrance area for any donathans.


Next Sunday:

    AM -  Jonathan  

    PM -  Jonathan 


Eggs -If anyone would like any eggs from CFL please see Geoff Weeks. Geoff will in future be selling eggs on a regular basis on behalf of CFL in this area.

 Offering – There is an offertory box at the back of the church.
      Thank you for any gifts towards the ongoing work of the church.
Pastor – Jonathan Bond 
E mail – jonathan@jechurch.org                   Website – www.jechurch.org


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